Shiatsu-based techniques for massage therapists

A Continuing Professional Development workshop

Develop your practise by adding shiatsu-based techniques to your treatments. Learn how to work deeply into the joints whilst your client remains fully clothed. (No oil is used). Day 1 looks at the upper body and day 2 the lower body. This is a chance to review the relevant anatomy and physiology of the joints and surrounding tissues as we look at common problems and how to alleviate muscle tension through shiatsu.

What can I expect to learn?

An opportunity to:

  • Learn how to integrate effective shiatsu techniques into your practise
  • Identify useful self-help exercises and tips for your clients PICTURE/S
  • Deepen your understanding of relevant anatomical structures
  • Practise Shiatsu techniques
  • Review the relevant muscles, ligaments and tendons of the upper/lower body
  • Apply shiatsu-based techniques safety
  • Discuss common disorders of the structure of the upper/lower body
  • Perform shiatsu-based sequence in prone, supine and side position
  • Learn how to work through clothes on a massage tableNo-oil is used as we working through clothes.

Applicants must have some experience of body-work.   Please wear loose comfortable clothes.

How can ………… help me?

We will look at the main joints of the body and the relevant surrounding soft tissues. By applying shiatsu techniques to the joints, deep tension can be released that improves mobility and ease of movement. You will learn the correct posture to adopt when using these techniques that brings a deep sensitivity to your treatment. The upper body will cover the shoulder, arm, upper back and neck. The lower body will look at the pelvis, hip, leg and lower back.

Who can come to these workshops?

Suitable for experienced bodywork therapists with a level 3 qualification in shiatsu, massage, Indian head massage or similar with a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Do I have to bring anything with me?

Wear suitable clothing for giving and receiving bodywork ie loose comfortable top, trousers and fresh socks with no zips or thick seams. No oil is used as the techniques is applied through clothes

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