Japanese Facial Rejuvenating Massage

How will it benefit me?

Japanese Facial Rejuvenating Massage

  • Improves circulation to your face
  • Tones, lifts and ‘plumps up’ facial muscles
  • Minimises facial sagging and onset of wrinkles
  • Encourages healthy cell growth for damaged or scarred skin
  • Reduces facial pain
  • Maximises skin elasticity and facial mobility
  • Eliminates toxins from tired or tense muscles
  • Improves mental clarity and concentration
  • Lifts your mood and promotes well-being

What is a Japanese Facial Rejuvenating Massage?

It is a natural non-invasive face-lift, that combines the therapeutic and healing benefits of eastern and western massage. This facial is a combination of oil massage, shiatsu and acupressure. You will feel revitalised, nourished, with your face feeling toned, your skin refreshed and your complexion healthy and vibrant. This deeply relaxing facial is excellent for maintaining healthy skin, relaxing muscle tension and reducing facial and jaw pain.

Doe brings her experience as a shiatsu and massage practitioner into each facial so that your whole body feels as if it has a treatment.

What’s happens in a session?

You will receive shiatsu and acupressure on the neck and face – oil massage to tone and release muscular tension – a hydrating face mask – 5 minutes massage on hands or feet – a hot towel to improve circulation– gentle massage to eliminate toxins (nb no oil used if preferred).

How does the Japanese facial massage differ from other massages?

Many facials are focused on products, whereas Japanese facial massage has its strengths in the techniques used, all extremely beneficial.

      • Facial acupressure brings a healthy flow of vitality or ‘Ki’ energy to the face and complexion
      • Massage improves blood circulation and muscle tone
      • Fascial release aids the elimination of waste products

In addition to this, you will benefit from the cleansing cream, face pack, moisturiser and hot towel as well as the hand or foot massage which stimulates many different areas of the body.

‘This facial was so much more than any facial I have had before. I suffer with jaw and sinus pain and Doe worked to relieve all the tension in my neck, face and shoulders. It felt wonderful and my sinus pain went away the following day. It was a truly relaxing experience and Doe talked me through how I could relieve some of my symptoms in the long term, using posture. I would highly recommend Doe’s services; she is very professional and so knowledgeable. Thank you Doe!’

R.F. Life and Business Coach

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The Japanese facial massage I had with Doe, was unlike any other treatment I have ever had. It was the most incredible experience.  Doe worked on my facial muscles like a sculptor would with clay.  Through working shiatsu points on my face, my whole body, as well as my face, relaxed and destressed on a really profound level. If that was not enough.   I came in looking worn out and left looking fresh and a good few years younger. I am totally hooked’!

L.V. London