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How can shiatsu benefit me?

Shiatsu is ideal for people of all ages. It addresses acute symptoms and chronic conditions and brings about balance on a physical and psychological level. Shiatsu:

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  • Addresses muscular-skeletal problems
  • Improves mobility and flexibility
  • Provides pain relief
  • Relaxes, rejuvenates and revitalizes
  • Promotes rehabilitation
  • Re-establishes balance and alignment
  • Reduces anxiety and stress-related issues
  • Helps you to stay centered through life’s transition
  • Supports personal development and deep personal journeys


A European research (European Shiatsu Federation, 2005) of 350 people having shiatsu treatments showed that:

  • 89-96% felt calmer, relaxed, improved mobility, increased energy, more balanced and able to cope
  • 60% had improved sleep
  • 84-87% had reduced: stress, muscle tension, joint problems and back pain
  • 90% felt more aware of themselves and able to help themselves
  • Overall there had been a reduction medication dependency


What can I expect in a session?

We will begin with a consultation to discuss your current and previous health, a shiatsu massage including acupressure, stretches, joint mobilisations and soft tissue techniques that are sensitive yet work deeply into the body. You will lie on a futon on the floor, or if you prefer a table (please request this beforehand if preferred). No oil is used as shiatsu is given fully clothed. Recommendations or exercises will be given for self-care in your daily life.


What is shiatsu?

Based in Chinese medicine and developed in Japan, shiatsu massage is effective and deeply relaxing. It aims to address symptoms by removing internal congestion which often arises from: emotional and physical stress, poor diet, accidents, injury, lack of exercise or lifestyle choices. Symptoms can manifest as pain and tension which have a limiting effect on our lives. If left unattended these can result in further symptoms, a sense of dis-ease between body and mind or may develop into a chronic condition.

A regular shiatsu session can make a real difference to your quality of life, physically, emotionally and psychologically. It provides a framework for positive changes to take place, as the body’s natural ability to repair is encouraged to re-establish balance and health.


How many treatments will I need?

One session may be all that is needed but usually a series of six is suggested to allow the shiatsu to deepen and take effect. Regular shiatsu treatments help prevent the build-up of stress in daily life.

You are asked to wear loose comfortable clothing such as jogging bottoms, top and socks, and not eat heavily directly beforehand. If possible allow yourself at least 30 minutes rest after the session.

‘I would heartily recommend Doe Warnes. I can’t speak highly enough of her. As a sports journalist I spend a lot of time in cramped press boxes huddled over a laptop. As such I developed searing, shooting pains up and down my left arm and shoulder. Not only were they indescribably painful they also affected my ability to work. However, one visit to Doe and the issue was cured. Her calm, assured manner allied with an expertise in shiatsu massage resulted in the pain disappearing for good, much to my relief. Not only is Doe a wonderful person she is quite simply a superb practitioner in her art and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.’  

L.Y. Hitchin

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‘I first had a shiatsu treatment from Doe when I returned from a trip to India with serious stomach cramps, which would have me doubled over in the street and unable to walk till they passed. I saw my doctor and had extensive tests, to no avail. The day after the first in a series of shiatsu treatments with Doe was the first day I had felt well since arriving home, and within weeks I was completely well again. Doe is a skilled and perceptive practitioner.’

R.W. Letchworth

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