Shiatsu and Japanese Facial Massage

‘I always find all of my sessions with Doe very powerful in myriad ways whether physical, emotional, mental or energetic. Talking with Doe before sessions gets to the heart of the matter so she can pinpoint the imbalances or pressing issues for her amazing hands, knowledge and wisdom to take care of, putting you back in balance, releasing what needs to leave and giving a new perspective or insight into the things that arise in the session or what may be causing the discomfort. I always feel completely held and seen with Doe – always in safe hands and always renewed after’. N.B. Letchworth

My shiatsu sessions are always helpful, pleasurable and relaxing.   They are different each time as Doe responds to what I have said and how I am feeling.  She seems to have an enormous repertoire of options available to her. Doe brings so much professional and life experience to her practise  making you feel very safe which increases further the effectiveness of the treatment.’   P.H. London

‘I started a course of shiatsu during a challenging period in my life and found that the sessions provided me with a solid support through this time, like a safety-net that caught me when I was spiralling into uncontrolled stress. Every session felt like a re-set button was pressed. All the stress I experienced in between the sessions was brought to a much lower setting, I felt more centred, with my body and mind aligned.  After a shiatsu session I was able to take care of myself better, physically, and mentally, stay calmer and less reactive. Each session provided a tangible relief from acute stress and releases of the tension help in my body.  I came to see the sessions as basic maintenance, a regular MOT.  Financial considerations are important to me and I find it difficult to spend money on myself, to treat myself.  However, instead of things of the shiatsu session as luxury, I started to thing that I could’ afford not to have them, they kept me together.  T.R. London

When I came to my first session with Doe I was suffering from chronic stress, hair loss, insomnia and dreadful headaches that would last a week at a time. I was not exactly ill but I felt dreadful most of the time and I knew that I was at a tipping point and my health needed some serious attention. I can honestly say that Doe has, through her extraordinary skill and understanding of the body not only cleared these really chronic issues but has worked to get me from being in a very severe health deficit to strengthen my system to get me back to health with some resilience on top!… Apart from the incredible levels of relaxation I experienced with her treatments. Doe also taught me so much about things I could do outside of the sessions that would support the work that she had done.  This was very enlightening and extremely useful. I believe Doe’s bodywork is so powerful that it has completely turned my health around and for that I am eternally grateful.   L.V. London

Thank you again for a perfect treatment.  You truly are a Master Practitioner Doe and show incredible sensitivity, intuition, focus and skill.  S.A. London

I would heartily recommend Doe Warnes. I can’t speak highly enough of her. As a sports journalist I spend a lot of time in cramped press boxes huddled over a laptop. As such I developed searing, shooting pains up and down my left arm and shoulder. Not only were they indescribably painful they also affected my ability to work. However, one visit to Doe and the issue was cured. Her calm, assured manner allied with an expertise in shiatsu massage resulted in the pain disappearing for good, much to my relief. Not only is Doe a wonderful person she is quite simply a superb practitioner in her art and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.    L. Y. Hitchin 

After a stressful period suffered through ill health I visited doe for a facial massage. It was amazing, I felt rejuvenated, energised and stress free! F.S. Hitchin 

‘I first had a shiatsu treatment from Doe when I returned from a trip to India with serious stomach cramps, which would have me doubled over in the street and unable to walk till they passed. I saw my doctor and had extensive tests, to no avail. The day after the first in a series of shiatsu treatments with Doe was the first day I had felt well since arriving home, and within weeks I was completely well again.   I’ve returned to Doe since then for shiatsu sessions at different times in my life and to help with a range of things e.g to help me manage stress at work, and I would highly recommend her. Shiatsu feels like a deep massage and can be extremely relaxing and profoundly healing; Doe is a skilled and perceptive practitioner.’  R.W. Letchworth

‘You have always been excellent’  D. R. London

‘I had severe neck pain and within 10 minutes of you working on it, it was gone. I think you are knowledgeable, skillful and resourceful and I know whatever ailment I come with I will leave feeling better.’ J.W. London

I had never had a shiatsu massage before and I found it very relaxing especially when I was doing that very strenuous play at the Barbican. It was just the think after a matinee to get me going for the evening performance. I can highly recommend it’  Dame Judi Dench, Royal Shakespeare Company, Barbican, 2001

I have always found Doe’s shiatsu massage to be renewing and calming. I would recommend her treatments to anyone enduring a demanding schedule – be it filming or in the theatre’  Ralph Fiennes Royal Shakespeare Company, Barbican, 2001

‘We all long to be pressed in all the right places and a session with Doe can do just that – I fund shiatsu reaches the parts other massages just cannot reach’. Sophie Thompson Royal Shakespeare Company, Barbican, 2001

 “…I felt a deep relaxation during the treatment and was surprised to see my face in the mirror with my eyes wide  open, as if wanting to take in my surroundings.   U.K. Feldenkrais Practitioner

The Japanese facial massage I had with Doe, was unlike any other treatment I have ever had. It was the most incredible experience.  Doe worked on my facial muscles like a sculptor would with clay.  Through working shiatsu points on my face, my whole body, as well as my face, relaxed and destressed on a really profound level. If that was not enough.   I came in looking worn out and left looking fresh and a good few years younger. I am totally hooked! L.V. London

“This facial was so much more than any facial I have had before. I suffer with jaw and sinus pain and Doe worked to relieve all the tension in my neck, face and shoulders. It felt wonderful and my sinus pain went away the following day. It was a truly relaxing experience and Doe talked me through how I could relieve some of my symptoms in the long term, using posture. I would highly recommend Doe’s services; she is very professional and so knowledgeable. Thank you Doe!”  R.F. Life and Buisiness Coach

“I had my first Japanese facial massage and found it excellent. The treatment was very relaxing and I felt the tension disappear from my face. My skin felt and looked brighter. I would definitely recommend Doe.  S.G. Herts


Japanese Rejuvenating Facial

‘I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed being in your class.  You are very special. You always made extra sure that student understood the material.  Thank you.  L. S. London

‘Today I was fortunate to receive Doe’s Japanese facial treatment. It’s a totally relaxing experience. She is very professional and an expert. My skin felt radiant afterwards, uplifted, nourished and very soft and smooth. I would recommed it to everyone.’ S.W. St Albans

‘This was a fantastic course, covering all the essentials for giving a Japanese Rejuvenating Facial. The course was well paced and Doe taught with clarity in a relaxed manner. I will definitely add this into my shiatsu practice and offer it as a standalone treatment too. Really enjoyable to both give and receive, and noticed the difference in my complexion as well. Highly recommended.’  K. A. London

‘Japanese Facial Rejuvenation by Doe Warnes is a very rewarding two days workshop. I am a shiatsu practitioner and found it was ideal to extend the professional range of my practice. The review of pressure points and muscles is useful, as are the many practical exercises. The handouts are so thorough and thoughtful that attendees don’t need to make notes during the workshop and can just focus on what she demonstrates. I can highly recommend therapists and bodywork practitioners to this workshop who want to explore facial massage.”  J. S. Shiatsu practitioner, London

‘Doe is an excellent teacher, her knowledge blows my mind away.  She is very precise and a great therapist’ Anon participant

‘Excellent course for practitioners/professional therapists, to refine and add new skills to your practice’. Anon participant

‘Very enlightening follow-up of previous workshops on Japanese facial rejuvenation – a good variety of techniques to try and adapt as well as additional use of product application.  I needed this to complete my facial treatments. Thank you.’ Anon participant

‘The Japanese Facial rejuvenation has added an invaluable dimension to my practice.  You are a very clear, informative and inspiring teacher enabling student to learn lots of new techniques rooted in an energetic practise which lifts this facial course above the rest. Thanks you.’   SS – participant

‘Doe’s teaching was as always precise, patient and presented with reference to her long experience with her clients.’ Anon participant

‘Doe is very responsive to everyone’s needs in the class. The notes are very comprehensive as are the summarized bullet points. Doe provides plenty of time for practice of new techniques and the workshops was very enjoyable as well as informative.’ Anon participant

Ongoing Group for chronic illness

‘I would just like to express my feelings about the group I have just finished.  Whilst I know the session won’t cure my illness but I have learnt to except it more, hrough different ways. I will openly admit I was very sceptical about it all when I was first informed about (it) through my doctor. I have learnt so much and Doe Warnes is brilliant, she is patient, understanding and very knowledgeable.  I would recommend this course to anyone with a long time illness’. M. B. East Hertfordshire

A Beginners Guide to Meridians

‘Just a little note to express my gratitude for a fascinating and insightful day. You have definitely inspired me to learn more. Thank you.’  C. H. London

Mindful Movement in the Natural Environment

I was blown away by the Mindful Movement’ workshop in nature I did with Doe. I always light up when I’m in the woods, and I’ve been doing yoga and dancing for decades. So it surprised me that I experienced a deeper connection to my own body and nature than ever before. I’ve NEVER felt so fully embodied as I did after the workshop. It was amazing and stayed with me for days. The next day I was out for a run (a new practice for me) and could feel my body so completely, adjusting my running gait so I felt comfortable and relaxed more than ever before. Doe wears her incredible level of knowledge with such humility. She guides with gentleness, simplicity and honours each person’s wisdom. She is a rare magician. I will definitely be back. R. A, Visibility Mentor, Letchworth


Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood: The Chinese Five Elements and an Eastern view to Health

Helpful reminder that we are connected to nature and natural cycles.’   Participant

Informative and enjoyable session.’   Participant

Very interesting workshop. A lot of knowledge condensed into a simple to understand workshop.’   Participant


An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

I attended Doe’s anatomy and physiology workshop and found her way of teaching so clear and helpful in gaining an understanding of the wonderful, but also very complex, systems and processes going on in our bodies day to day. Her use of a mix of teaching styles, using visuals, words and movement really helped me layer up the different bits of knowledge. Thank you!’   Participant


‘Doe was a superb tutor. Incredibly knowledgeable, open and welcoming. I’ll be keeping an eye on upcoming workshops with her!’  S.C. London


‘I attended a 2 day course in anatomy and physiology at the City Lit run by Doe Warnes. It was absolutely excellent and highly informative. Her way of explaining a complicated and detailed subject made it fascinating and accessible. I would highly recommend going on one of her courses.’  J. N. London


‘Doe Warnes has been an excellent tutor. Her lectures are first class. She takes the time to go into detail and ensures that what she says is fully understood. It has been a pleasure to have been in her class. She is first class, she is a fabulous tutor, long may she reign.’  A.M. London

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