Physical and Mental Wellness

Mind/Body Awareness for Health and Well-Being

Connect to the Wisdom of the Body

Doe Warnes FwSS, RSME/T, ITEC offers treatments and workshops for physical and emotional health and wellbeing, personal development and transformation. She is a skilled practitioner, educator and workshop facilitator with 40 years experience. Her approach is holistic, interactive and experiential.

    • Shiatsu healing massage: Online and face-to-face sessions – a therapeutic treatment for relaxation, health maintenance, reduced stress and anxiety, rehabilitation, pain and symptom relief, improved mobility and flexibility and support for self-development and in depth personal journeying
    • Japanese facial rejuvenating massage facial: for a natural, non-invasive face lift – that will improve muscle tone to help ‘lift’ the face, bring a healthy glow to your complexion, encourage healthy skin by eliminating toxin build up as well as relieve facial tension and pain
    • Workshops for health, well-being and personal development: Online and face-to-face sessions – bringing together anatomy and physiology, mindful movement, intuitive shiatsu bodywork and acupressure

 It only needs to be just one moment in time for your body and mind to come into alignment and bring about an insight that can change your life.                                                                           

‘Doe has, through her extraordinary skill and understanding of the body, not only cleared some really chronic issues but has worked to get me from being in a very severe health deficit to strengthen my system and get me back to health.‘ L.V. London

Treatments: Online and Face-2-Face

Workshops: Online and Face-2-Face

Doe Workshops