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Connecting to and learning from the wisdom within the body


The Body Wisdom session aims to promote a sense of personal wholeness and integration.  To be able to fully radiate your inner life force, it first needs to become available to you by releasing tension, locating muscular holding patterns and identifying and reviewing patterns of ‘stuck and limited’ thinking.

Staying grounded and discovering inner resources help us to navigate the currents of transition and transformation, be that illness, personal development or a new direction in life. It also allows you to stay firm, knowing that you can yield and flow with the changes, both physically, emotionally and metaphorically.

In these Skype or Zoom sessions we will make links between the physical body, thoughts and feelings to access the inherent wisdom of the body as a way to connect to your authentic self and integrate body and mind.  Leaving you feeling calmer, more grounded and resourceful, with a sense of harmonious ease within your body/mind.


How are the benefits to me from a Body Wisdom session?

You will:

  • Feel calmer and reduce any anxiety
  • Connect to your authentic self through realigning  your body/mind
  • Be able to navigate your way through personal transformation and life changes
  • Unblock inner tension and experience more ease in your life


What can I expect in a session?

  1. Check in to identify what you want to get out of the session
  2. Raising body awareness using methods such as: gentle guided and exploratory movement, visualisations, drawing or the use of imagery.
  3. Identifying areas of tension congestion or where feelings of inner dis-harmony are held
  4. Integratation of bodymind through self-reflection, curiosity, inquiry and inner dialogue (often non-verbal)
  5. The sessions are often accompanied with tips for self-care.


What is a Body Wisdom session?

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How many treatments will I need?

One session may be all that is needed but usually a series of six is suggested to allow the shiatsu to deepen and take effect. Regular Body Wisdom session will keep you centred, grounded, focused and on track.


How can I prepare for the session?

Ensure that you have a quite, uninterrupted space, preferably with an area large enough for you to move around, sit or lie down in if need be. If you can bring with you something to write with, paper and colouring pencils (if you have them). I may send you one or two handouts prior to the sessions. Have some water nearby. Please wear loose comfortable clothing i.e. jogging bottoms, top and socks.


Based in Chinese medicine and developed in Japan, shiatsu massage is effective and deeply relaxing. It aims to address symptoms by removing internal congestion which often arises from: emotional and physical stress, poor diet, accidents, injury, lack of exercise or lifestyle choices. Symptoms can manifest as pain and tension which have a limiting effect on our lives. If left unattended these can result in further symptoms, a sense of dis-ease between body and mind or may develop into a chronic condition.

A regular shiatsu session can make a real difference to your quality of life, physically, emotionally and psychologically. It provides a framework for positive changes to take place, as the body’s natural ability to repair is encouraged to re-establish balance and health.



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