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Shifting Perspectives: creating new possibilites

Raising awarness through gentle movement. Chaning your perspective can bring about a change of mind. This experiential and creative workshop shifts the focus from a mental perspective to a sensory, instinctive and embodied one with the help of model-making with plasticine, mindful movement meditation and reflection. read more 

Anatomy and Physiology for Healers

Understanding anatomical concepts will give you a good grounding in the body and provide you with clear images of the body that can support your healing work as well as enabling you with more information when talking to other health professionals. …read more

Five Elements of Chinese Medicine

An introduction into the Five Elements of Chinese medicine and how to bring harmony into your daily life.  …read more

Japanese Facial Rejuvenating Massage

De-stress your clients by giving them a Japanese facial massage. This natural face-lift is luxurious, deeply relaxing and leaves the face feeling nourished, uplifted, and refreshed. …read more

On-Site Massage

This continual professional workshop will give you the confidence to work with older adults that are frail and those who are less mobile. You will learn safe and effective joint mobilisations and stretches that will improve their mobility and stability.. …read more

A Beginners Guide to Meridians

The 12 classical meridians are fundamental to Chinese medicine. They form an energy system within the body which transports life-force (Ki, Chi or Prana) to every cell.  Connecting to ‘Ki’ through touch can have a profound influence on a person’s sense of wellbeing.  …read more

FUTURE WORKSHOPS (Below) ~ dates to be confirmed
Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Do you ever know your tarsals from your carpals or your triceps from your biceps? Do you ever wonder how your bodies work or what your insides looks like? This two day workshop will give you a fascinating insight into your body in a clear, easy and creative  wayting. …read more

The Mindful Practitioner

This experiential CPD workshop will develop your skills as a practitioner. It will enhance and develop your own body awareness whilst giving treatments. This will influence your quality of touch and therefore the experience of the receiver. We will explore this through experiential exercises, mindful movement and anatomy of the skeleton. read more

The Embodied Practitioner - Breath and Bones

Explore new ways to engage dynamically with your client. Find out how to use your breath and an awareness of your skeleton as a therapeutic resource.   An experiential anatomy workshop for practitioners, therapists, health professionals or anyone working with clients.  read more

Move and Embody the Chinese Five Elements

Do you know what your skin has in common with soil or your bones with stones? And how can this help you?  Gentle movement, indoors and outdoors, explores the deep and intuitive connection between our self and nature. A moving meditation to connect mind, body and the natural environment. …read more

Joint Mobilisations Techniques for the Older Adult

This continual professional workshop will give you the confidence to work with older adults that are frail and those who are less mobile. You will learn safe and effective joint mobilisations and stretches that will improve their mobility and stability. This will help to increase the range and ease of movement needed for everyday tasks. These gentle techniques work deep into the joint and improve health by promoting blood flow and reducing joint pain and tension. read more

Learning to Listen to your Body

You will find stillness, silence and space through gentle movement. This deeply relaxing workshop will become the starting place for ‘listening to’ and ‘hearing’ what your body has to say. There will be some discussion about movement from a western perspective and its’ counterpart within Chinese medicine of the WATER and WOOD elements. This information and imagery will bring a focus to the movement.  …read more

Introduction to Shiatsu

Find out how to give and receive a basic Shiatsu massage that you can give to your friends and family. …read more

Embodied Movement for Well-being

Develop body and self awareness with this easy, safe and grounded approach to movement. You will discover a way to move with ease that decreases stress and promotes a sense of well-being. Experience the pleasure of moving through guided and exploratory gentle movements. …read more

Shiatsu-Based Techniques for Massage Therapists

Develop your practise by adding shiatsu-based techniques to your treatments. Learn how to work deeply into the joints whilst your client remains fully clothed. (No oil is used). Day 1 looks at the upper body and day 2 the lower body. This is a chance to review the relevant anatomy and physiology of the joints and surrounding tissues as we look at common problems and how to alleviate muscle tension through shiatsu. read more

Shifting Perspectives - 15th November 2019 - more information

Anatomy for Healers: Part 5 - 16th November 2019 - more information -

Five Elements of Chinese Medicine: December 1st 2019 10-5pm at The College of Psychic Studies more information

Five Elements of Chinese Medicine: December 14th 2019 2.30-5pm at The City Lit more information

Japanese Facial Massage: March 21th & 22nd 2020 more information

On-Site Massage: April 5th 2020 more information

The Beginner's Guide to the Meridians - dates tbc   more information