Move and Embody the Chinese Five Elements

A moving meditation to connect mind, body and the natural environment

Do you know what your skin has in common with soil or your bones with stones? And how can this help you? Gentle movement, indoors and outdoors, explores the deep and intuitive connection between our self and nature.

The earth provides horizontal support and the trees vertical support.

How will I benefit?

These workshops will help you release deep muscular tension, improve mobility, increase vitality, reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental concentration and much more. You will leave feeling centred, connected and relaxed.

What topics are covered?

This programme of five workshops, over the spring and summer terms, combines the fascinating philosophy of the Chinese five elements with western anatomy and the natural wisdom of the body.

  • March 10th:  Part 1  WATER element and the skeleton. Feel the support of your bones. Find out how joints shape our movements and as we move through the landscape.

Who is this workshop suitable for?

The movement is slow allowing you to move within your range and ability.You can come to any or all of these experiential workshops.

Do I have to bring anything with me?

A pen and paper if you want to make notes. There will be some handouts. Comfortable clothes to move with indoors, soft, non-slip footwear or bare feet. Be prepared to move for a short time outdoors in any weather. Bring layers to add, waterproof trousers and coat, top, hat, gloves (for extra protection, warmth and dryness) and outdoor trainers or similar.

Summer Term:

April 28:   FIRE/Heart and circulation: FIRE supports communication and our relationships with people, place and self.

May 19:   EARTH and the digestive system: EARTH gives us the ability to digest our food, our thought and our live experiences.

June 16:  METAL the skin and respiration: METAL provides the body/mind with boundaries and influences our connection to nature.

June 30:  WOOD and the muscles. Find out what ‘muscle memory’ is. Taking inspiration from observing movement within nature.

I was blown away by the mindful movement workshop in nature I did with Doe. I always light up when I’m in the woods, and I’ve been doing yoga and dancing for decades. So it surprised me that I experienced a deeper connection to my own body and nature than ever before. I’ve NEVER felt so fully embodied as I did after the workshop. It was amazing and stayed with me for days. The next day I was out for a run (a new practice for me) and could feel my body so completely, adjusting my running gait so I felt comfortable and relaxed more than ever before. Doe wears her incredible level of knowledge with such humility. She guides with gentleness, simplicity and honours each person’s wisdom. She is a rare magician. I will definitely be back.

R. Aiken, Visbility Mentor, Letchworth

Workshop dates for 2019

Come to one, any or all 5 workshops

March 17th: WATER
May 12th: FIRE
June 16th: EARTH
July 14th: METAL
June 30th: WOOD

Time: 9.30 for 10am-1pm
Day: Sunday mornings
Cost: £35 per session  (includes DIY refreshments)
Venue: Letchworth Health Living Centre, Letchworth, Herts, SG6 3NA
To Book:  Tel 01462 678804


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