Learning to Listen to your Body


Being mindful to the sensations of the moving body

A sense of stillness, silence and spaciousness is created through gentle and mindful movement. This will provide an opportunity to ‘listen’ and tune into the wisdom of the body. In this deeply relaxing workshop there will be some discussion about movement from a western perspective and its counterpart in the Chinese medicine system – the WOOD element. This information and imagery will bring a focus to the movement.


You will benefit by?

  • Reducing aching or stiff joints
  • Becoming present and centred in your body
  • Accessing inner vitality and inner support
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Finding freedom and ease of movement
  • Cultivating a positive perception of your body and health

and much more


How does it work?

When we move, we stimulate our felt sense that gives us a first-hand experience of being in our body. This gentle movement gives us the time needed to develop inner ‘listening’ and ‘hearing’ skills. From this we can become more responsive to our body’s needs.


What can I expect?

  • An introduction to the muscular-skeletal system as a basis for focused movement
  • Guided exercises and movement explorations
  • You will be encouraged to adapt your movements to within a safe and comfortable range for yourself


Who is this suitable for?

Suitable for anyone interested or just curious. The movement allows for different ranges of movement abilities and can be adapted to sitting. If you are in any doubt about increasing your physical activity, then please consult your doctor first with this letter and get their advice.


Do I have to bring anything with me?

Comfortable clothes to move in and soft, non-slip footwear or bare feet. You may want to bring your own yoga mat if you have one.

Workshop date


Date:   To be confirmed
Time:   tbc
Course Code:
Venue: Letchworth Healthy Living Centre, Hitchin Rd, Letchworth, Herts, SG6 3NA.
Cost:   tbc The fee includes refreshments by Nourish cafe)
To Book: Healthy Living Centre


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