Optimise Your Health with the Chinese Five Elements

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood


7- week interactive online course
Starts – Thursday 19th October 2023
Duration – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm


The Chinese Five Elements is deceptively simple in concept but can offer profound insights into your physical and mental health, behaviour and relationships.  In this fascinating workshop, discover how it can improve your health, wellbeing and your connection to the natural world.

Each element has a unique personality which expresses itself throughout the body/mind. When there is imbalance, symptoms and emotional traits can emerge. For example FIRE is expansive and outward which can manifest as: circulatory issues such as cold hands and feet, a love or hate of bitter-tasting foods, a tendency to giggle inappropriately, to be a charismatic personality in social situations or prefer meditation and self-reflection. In this course, you will find out how this all fits together

What are the benefits for me?

This experiential self-development course will help you connect to your own inner Five Elements.

  • Learn how this ancient knowledge is relevant for today
  • Identify which element/s you invest your energy in most/least
  • Discover where your strengths and challenges lie
  • Highlight areas for change to re-establish body/mind balance
  • Have a template to apply to other areas of your life
  • Create a meaningful connection to the natural world


Topics covered

We will look at each element individually as well as together with: talks, visualisations, gentle movement, discussion, practical exercises, drawing etc as a way of bringing the theory into a personal experience. There will be some observation and reflection tasks to do at home.

  1. Oct 19: Intro to Yin/Yang, Five Elements, health/well-being and homeostasis?
  2. Oct 26 : Wood Element
  3. Nov 2: Fire Element
  4. Nov 9: Earth Element
  5. Nov 16: Metal Element
  6. Nov 23: Water Element
  7. Nov 30: Shen and Ko Cycles, bringing it all together


Who can come to these workshops?

Open to all

Do I have to bring anything with me?

Please bring paper and coloured pencils.

“This was VERY, VERY good.”

“Doe was lovely. Receptive to questions, full of knowledge & easy to listen to. I loved the way the educational side & spiritual side came together. Very informative & have taken a lot of new concepts away with me.” 

“Great – and I would like to learn more!”


Workshop date

Date: Starting October 19 2023
Cost:  £145 members £175 non-members
Time: 6.30pm – 8pm
Online:  This course will be live in our online classroom. All you need is a good internet connection and a computer with a webcam, microphone and Zoom.

For further information and booking: www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk

On booking, you will receive an email with the Zoom link to access it. Check your spam folder if you don’t receive this confirmation email. Please use the same link to access each of your course sessions.

Please send us a message if you have any questions. College of Psychic Studies, 16 Queensberry Place, Kensington, London SW7 2EB.


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