An introduction to the Chinese Five Elements

An eastern approach to staying well

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood


This fascinating workshop is an introduction to the philosophy of Yin/Yang and the Chinese five elements. These concepts are fundamental within Chinese Medicine yet still provide a wisdom and insight that we can bring to our daily lives.



What are the benefits for me?


Explore balance and harmony through the Chinese five element system.
Find out how this ancient system can help you understand your health in a different light.


At the end of the workshop you will:


– Understand the basis of Yin and Yang
– Discover the different personalities of each element
– Find out how the five elements can support your health and well-being
– Learn a short tai chi sequence for the five elements


Who can come to these workshops?


Suitable for anyone interested.


Do I have to bring anything with me?


A notebook and pen. Handouts will be given out.

‘Very interesting workshop. A lot of knowledge condensed into a simple to understand workshop.’


Workshop date

Date: December 14th 2019
Cost:  £39
Time: 14.30 – 17.00
Venue: The City Lit 1-10 Keeley Street, London WC2B 4BA
To Book:  Tel: 020 3411 1651  Download form & post   Any questions? or call 020 7492 2622

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