Connecting to the wisdom of the body

Gain inner stability and ‘find your ground’


An Empowered Awakening Event



Create calm and a sense of balance within by using your skeleton as a resource to connect to your intuitive self.

What this event is about?


In this time of transition and change it is helpful, now more than ever, to find a way to navigate the currents of transformation within your personal lives and within the collective. Staying grounded allows you to stay firm, knowing that you can yield to the changes, both physically and metaphorically.  Feeling ‘grounded’ in yourself is often felt as feeling comfortable within your body or becoming more aware of your body.


Our skeleton is the bony framework we need to move, stand, sit or to be still.  Energy can either flow easily, get stuck or dissipate, particularly at the joints. Bringing awareness to your alignment, through gentle movement, is deeply grounding and offers the possibility of aligning your life force to help with integrating mind, body and spirit.

It also brings you into the here and now, which opens up a space within. This enables you to connect to your intuitive inner wisdom to support your health and well-being.

Focusing on the physical body as an access route to deeper connections, you will experience how to create a non- verbal dialogue between your body and mind using the sensations created by the moving body.  The movement is seated and suitable for all who wish to participate, as you are asked to move within your own range of comfort.


During this experiential evening you will:

  • Find balance by connecting with inner stability
  • Feel more physically alive
  • Identify and release areas of muscular tension
  • Feel calmer and reduce stress
  • Allow your intuition to non-verbally speak through the body

Do I have to wear anything in particular?

You may wish to do the movement in socked feet or wear shoes that you can be flat on the floor.

Who can come to these workshops?

Suitable for all abilities and for anyone curious to find out more.

“Doe’s 30 years experience of not only teaching body work but helping people in one to one sessions, really shows. She just intuitively knows how to tune into your body and move energy. And in her workshops shows you how to do this. After the treatments and the workshop I felt fantastic, full of energy and revitalised.”

S.G. Letchworth

Date of Talk

Date:  11th March 2020

Time:  7.30pm-9.30pm

Venue:  Mrs Howards Memorial Hall, Norton Way South, Letchworth Garden City SG6 1NX

Fee:  £11

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