A Beginners Guide to Meridians

What are the meridians?


Have you ever wondered what a meridian is or what it does?  This experiential one day workshop will introduce you to the meridian energy system which is fundamental to Chinese Medicine.

We will look at the 12 classical meridians that flow throughout the body and enliven every cell with life force known as ‘Ki or Chi’.  You will be shown how to locate and connect to several acupoints on a partner through touch.  Affecting ki through touch can have a profound influence on a person’s health and wellbeing. You will also see how the amount of Ki’ flowing in the meridians at any one time can influence how we move our body.

There will be practical work in pairs so please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in such as jogging trousers, top and socks.


What topics will we cover??

  • What are the 12 classical meridians?
  • How to connect to the energy of some acupoints
  • How ki animates your body and how you move

Do I have to bring anything with me?

Please wear loose comfortable clothes to wear for paired practical work and a notepad and pen. Handouts will be provided.

Who can come to these workshops?

Suitable for beginners or anyone curious.

‘Just a little note to express my gratitude for a fascinating and insightful day. You have definitely inspired me to learn more. Thank you.’

C. H. London

Next Workshop

Date:  tbc

Time:  10pm-5pm

Venue:  The College of Psychic Studies, 6 Queensberry Pl, Kensington, London SW7 2EB

Fee:  tbc

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